What Is A Social Work And What Are Its Three Elements?


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Social work is a professional service rendered by trained and qualified social workers. Its aim is to eliminate social suffering. It is a problem solving activity. Such problem arises when people cannot cope or adjust with the changing environment. I.e. rural urban areas and agricultural industry. It helps to cure social problems, helps people to setup which are from different background to take care of each other.Its basic purpose is to make people feel about each others pains and grieves .it teaches people to help, cooperate tolerate and ready to solve anyone's problem at any moment, any place.

There are three elements of social work:
1. Social case work:
In this method which is an individual way to treat a person

2. Social group work:
In this term a social worker helps a group of people to grow their personality and to get rid of their hesitation and gain confidence by communicating with each other in a form of a group called help functioning of a group as an individual not only helped by others but he is also helping others to solve their problem

3. Community development
It is that method through which the efforts of people are united with those of government authority to work well by active participation of people.
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Social work is the harnessing of putting resources together
in order to solve social problems. There are three elements of social work namely:
1. Social case work
2. Social group work
3. Community development

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