How Many Types Of Marine Fishing Are Done In Pakistan?


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The coastline of Pakistan has a division of about 30-70 percent between the Sindh and the Makran coasts respectively. The main fishing centre of Sindh is none other than Karachi, which is the largest city of Pakistan as well. As for the fishing centres on the Makran coast, there is no major big centre but instead there are small villages such as Somiani, Omara, Pasni and Jiwani. There are two types of marine fishing namely subsistence fishing and commercial fishing. Both types of fishing differ from each other on the sole criterion of purpose.

Subsistence fishing is done by those fishermen who are catching the fish to consume it themselves. People, for whom, fish is the main part of their diet, usually engage in subsistence fishing. This type of fishing is carried on by using the typical tools and techniques such as the traditional net and a small boat made of wood, which is not big enough to travel farther in the sea.

As for commercial fishing, it is done for the purpose of trade and is sold in the market for earning a living. There are many communities whose main source of income depends upon the fish that they catch and sell in the market. The two main centres of commercial fishing in Pakistan are Karachi and Gwadar.

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