What Is The Use Of Computers In The Medical Field?


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Computers play a key role in the medical field.  Their uses include storing patient related data, housing knowledge bases, providing the logic and circuitry for medical equipment, scanning and imaging the body, and facilitating speedy communications.

Patient records are stored on computer databases in the medical field.  The medical history of a patient includes physical symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, and even family medical history.  Details of the medications prescribed are stored together with details of any that can not be prescribed, such as an allergy to penicillin.  Appointments are scheduled using a computer database.  Billing information is also stored.  Hospitals and surgeries depend on computers for administrative and financial functions.

Computer storage can house vast bases of knowledge such as journals, documents, research papers and reference books.  The information stored is more easily accessible in an electronic format than hard copy.

Hospital monitoring equipment is often based on computer programming.  Emergency alarms, bed beeping systems and X-ray machines are all examples of equipment using computer technology.  Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computer tomography (CT) employ computer software.  High-resolution images are achieved with the use of sophisticated computers and infrared cameras.

Some surgical procedures are even computer guided.  An example is laparoscopic surgery, where the surgeon inserts the medical tools and a small camera, and conducts the operation with the help of computers and monitors.  Computers also monitor heart rates, pulse rates and brain readings.  It would be virtually impossible for a human to do this.

Computer networking facilitates fast communication.  Doctors on opposite sides of the world can communicate instantly via the internet.  Images and messages can be exchanged in seconds and conclusions can be reached speedily.

Computers are also used in the medical field in the manufacture of medications.  Patients benefit from readily available information on the internet.  Computer applications help in research studies.  Computers are a must have in every medical profession.
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Hospital Administration:
Hospital is an important organization. We can use computer for the administration of a hospital. We can computerize the accounting, payroll and stock system of the hospital. We can keep the record of different medicines, their distribution and use in different wards etc.

Recording Medical History:
Computer can be used to store the medical history of the patients. We can store the important facts about the patients in computer. We can keep record of his past treatment, suggested medicines and their results etc. such systems can be very effective and helpful for the doctors.

Monitoring Systems:
Some serious patients must be monitored continuously. Monitoring is needed especially in operation theatres and intensive care units. Many computerized devices are used to monitor the blood pressure, heartbeat and brain of the patients.

Life support System:
Life support systems are used to help the disabled persons. Many devices are used that help deaf person to hear. Scientists are trying to create a device that will help he blind person to see.

Diagnosis of Diseases:
Different software's are available that store different diseases and their symptoms. Diagnosis of disease is possible by entering the symptoms of a patient. Moreover, different computerized devices are used in laboratories for different tests of blood etc.
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I think you are well educated and I want to know what can computers do for patients suffering from enfazema
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The use of computer in medical field is in different ways like.
1]the doctors use computer machines for surgeries
2]the names of the patients are written in computers because if they write it at any register
  it may get lost
3]in surgeries doctor use the computer to locate the position
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Use of computer in clinical laboratories
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Computers are important in the medical field for the hospital management system software, in clinical research it is also useful.
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Although computer has been introduced quite recently in the medical field, yet it finds numerous applications in this field. It is changing the very structure of society's health care system. It is extensively used for basic tasks such as keeping track of patients appointments, diagnosis and treatment procedures. Imagine a medical information system that stores the case histories of millions of patients and made this data available in a matter of seconds to any qualified subscriber.

These histories would contain the medical record of every individual, the symptoms of every complaint, the physician's diagnosis, vaccines and so on. Physicians could use this vast store of information. The computer thus acts as a sort of medical consultant which can help a doctor to diagnose a disease and to prescribe best suitable treatment. The largest use of computers in the hospital is in the hospital administration in addition to patient care and medical research. There are many other uses of computers in the medical field. The most general use of computer in hospitals is business-oriented such as accounting, payroll, billing and inventory control. The computer performs inventory control by keeping tracks of drugs, supplies of various other items to main stores, distribution and consumption of these items in various departments and so on.

Hospital bed accounting is another important application for computers. From admitting the patients in the hospital to discharge during which allocating the beds, keeping test records of the test drugs and other services so that billing may reflect the true cost of patients' stay in the hospital.
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It helps organize, and search medicines and give right treatments
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The computer has vast access to medical information including the very latest.Medical people need to be  discerning to know what is valid, and what isn't!
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Today so many companies are followed this way. Why because of the so many hospitals are the multi specialty hospitals they are doing all types of transactions such as Administration, medicine bill payments and so on. Here the computers are plays a key role in the hospitals. Not only in the hospitals but also other fields as well.

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This question was asked on blurtit many times before.
Computers helps in the treatment and diagnosis of
patients. They help doctors in getting information about latest medical related researches and advancements in medicines thus helping doctors in keeping up with their treatment. They are also used in medical equipments for accuracy. They are used in X-ray machines, CT Scans, MRI, Blood testing etc.
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What Is The Use Of Computers In The  Medical Field?
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Computer is playing very important role in medical fields. Nearly every area of the medical field uses computers. They are helping the doctors to diagnose diseases and for many other purposes.They allow you to store ample amounts of information in a quick and easy fashion. Because they tend to work like the human brain, they are very advantageous in the medical field. Using computers, we are able to hold all of patients' information in a more organized fashion. With so many patients and their information, files and records would occupy too much space. Computers allow people in the medical field to store information without using needed area. Medical history, current heath status, family history, and more can be easily accessed and looked up within a few short minutes.

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To monitor all the ongoing processes within it and helping to find out more on researches.they are used together with the life support machines .they store all the information about the medical field for future use.

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