How Can I Check Up On Someone's Qualifications?


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If you are referring to academic qualifications, you can contact the Registrar's Office of the college or university they say they have attended or graduated from.
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I think one of the easiest methods of checking somebody's qualifications is to check out their certificates and to get them rechecked form the institutions that they have acquired those degrees and certificates that they claim to have in their possession. It has been proved through actual statistics that atleast 25% of people openly lie about their qualifications. Hence it becomes essential on the part of the employers to thoroughly check that the qualifications and credentials of the employee and prospective employees are real and authentic.

Another way or method of checking the qualifications of the people is to enlist the services of organizations which are made for the specific purpose of checking and confirming the qualifications of people. You would have to pay for their services but can get effortless and credible reports about the qualifications of prospective employees form them in return. One such service is CV Check LTD. There are several such other organizations and you can get their addresses and numbers from websites, directories and yellow pages.
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Also it may be possible to check with their school, it may be stored

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