What Are The Motivating Factors?


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Motivation plays an important role in a working situation. The factors which motivate the workers are as follows:

1. The nature of work: The staff of an organization likes to do work that they see as contributing to the objectives of the organization as a whole. A good leader will try to keep dull repetitive tasks to a minimum, and will try his best to assure the team members of the value of their work.

2. Responsibility: Most of the workers like to take responsibility. A leader can easily reduce their sense of responsibility by making decisions for them. He should try to help them to increase their sense of responsibility for work, not to decrease it through too much criticism.

3. Achievement: Most people like to succeed in their work situation. Satisfaction in success and in getting things done well comes largely from achieving what they expect to be able to achieve and what they aim at achieving. Thus achievement is a very important factor for an individual.

4. Recognition: The people like recognition and acknowledgement that they have been successful in their work. A good leader should be generous to praise good work and even to publicize it but he should be careful not to praise one person all the time. This will be unfair and bliss.

5. Self improvement: In an organization, there are endless opportunities for self improvement at work. A good leader can help his workers to take these opportunities by the quality of his supervision.

6. Advancement: Workers prefer recognition in the form of increase of salary or more responsibility, which leads of job satisfaction.

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