What're The Steps Planning For Interview In Investigation?


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Planning for interview is based on three steps.

1: Before Interview Planning:

The following things must be clear before interview.

Prepare a list of main questions.
Clarify the problem and what to be investigated.
Find out as much as possible about the subject area.
Ensure the authority that interview has to be obtained.
Choose the interviewer carefully.
Make a proper decision about the time duration, time and venue of the interview.

2: During Interview Planning:

During interview the interviewer main focus will be on.

Ensure that interviewer is at ease before on the main fact findings.
Let the interviewer tell story in his own words.
Don't ask leading questions.
Keep the logical sequence of the questions.
Ask the question at time.
Avoid the role of expert.
Be straight forward and frank and avoid cleverness.
Ensure that the questions and answers are fully understood by the both sides.
End the interview on pleasant constructive mood.
Accept the fact of the interviewer.

3: Planning after Interview:

When interview is held the followings things must be keep in mind.

Keep to agreed time, if desire makes another appointment with the interviewer, instead of extending the interview.
Record facts in earliest opportunity.
Check the facts as soon as possible and gets agreement to the facts.

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