What Is KSF And Its Relation To NHS?


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NHS stands for National Health Services and it is a government body in United Kingdom and all the Government Hospitals of United Kingdom fall under the National Health Services.

The staffs working in the hospitals were not happy with their regular career progress and due to which the services were slowly decreasing in the hospitals. The NHS body realized the problem and developed a new career progression framework called KSF which is the abbreviation for "Knowledge and Skills Framework".

Staffs falling under KSF are assigned job description which lists the skill set required for the post they are working for and the also the level for each skill required according to the post. The staff is then reviewed after a period of time against the skill set and level of skills mentioned in the job description. If the staff fails to meet any skill set or the required level then he/she has given full opportunity to acquire the required skill set by performing trainings. In this way the staff can progress in the career.

Also if the staff want to switch from one post to another higher post then they can request for trainings to achieve the skill set of the post so they can move further ahead in their career.

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