How Long Does It Take After Your Interview To Receive My First Unemployment Check?


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Once you establish your uc claim, you will call for your 1st two weeks of benefits after that period is over. For example, if you call to open your claim on june 9, the claim will be established for application date of june 7. Your 1st two weeks of benefits will be (waiting) week ending june 13 and week ending june 20. You will call the automated system, or claim on the internet on june 21. The two weeks will stay available for you to claim them up to friday, june 26, then go inactive. If you try to file after june 26, the recording will stay "claim is inactive". You will then have to call the uc service center to reactivate your claim and possibly have to give a statement about why you did not file timely.

If you file your weeks properly (on june 21 in example above), you should have your benefits in your bank acct or debit card on june 24. From the call in to the automated system to money in the bank, it takes about 3 days (call on sunday, money on wednesday).

This answer only holds true if you are off due to lack of work and no issues have to be adjudicated, monetary or non-monetary.

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