What Are Transport Problems In Big Cities?


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In a big city like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Quetta traveling is not very pleasant or easy. Distances are usually long and buses are not always and everywhere to be found. Mini buses have solve the problem a great deal. But still they are not every where available all the time.

Different kinds of travellers have there own problems. School and college going students find it difficult to reach their at time. Factories and office workers also find it difficult to get to their places and return to their home.

Firstly, we should have more buses at the busy hours, especially for students and for factory workers. Secondly, the bus roads should be so arranged that buses take the passengers to the farthest places.

Thirdly, mini buses should be forced to travel to all the bus routes and all the times except from 12pm to 5 pm. There should not have any standing passengers. Fourthly rickshaws and taxis should not be able to overcharge the passengers. Fifthly there can be telephone taxis for businessmen, patients and women. These taxis may be called by telephone from taxi stations. The traffic problems in a big city can be solved by joint efforts of government, the public and the transporters.
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Transport problems in big cities are accidents or the renovation of the road,it blocked the car to go quickly,as they have to go in low speed, and the main problems is there are too many cars.
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The crime rate goes out the roof.
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You face many problems while you move your home or transport your vehicle but Onlytop can make your shifting process easy. As there are some experts are listed on, choose any one of them and make your transportation memorable. But then also there are some major and big issues for transportation in big  cities:

Problem while selecting a company: Nobody can easily choose a moving company without gathering knowledge about that company, so it is a major issue in big cities that there are many companies are working because of that customer get confused which one he has to choose or not.

Many companies by the same name: As there are lots of transport companies in major cities but some of them are working by the same name. For example, Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. Is the original one but you can see several companies by the name of Agarwal.

Traffic Issue: Big cities means lots of traffic, crowed and all. So, trucks and loading carriers cannot work in the daytime which is a major problem for transporters.

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As far as Peshawar is concerned here we are facing an alarming situation of traffic congestion on some specific roads. These roads are always over crowded with traffic and cause waste of time and fuel. Many precious lives have also been lost because of traffic jams. The situation in Dabgari gardens, board bazar, chirgano chowk, soray pull, shoba bazar, khyber bazar and many more points is known to all. Excessive and unplanned transportation causes accidents. It is also damaging the ambient quality of the historical city of Peshawar.

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