What Are The Privacy Issues When Using Computers And The Internet? What The Role Is Being Played By The Governmental And Nongovernmental Agencies In This Regard?


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Databases are stored where all your details are there for them to use and even though its been safeguarded and protected hazards do happen occasionally and this can put a risk on you and you life.
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This is the well known fact that the computers are used to store large databases, to manipulate the information etc. There are so many services that are being provided to the humans by the computers. While the systems deal with such large and important databases and information the factor of privacy becomes so vital. There are so many agencies at government and nongovernmental level that maintain the personal information of all the citizens. This information starts to be collected when a child born; this procedure of maintaining the information continues all the way through one's life.

There is a lot of work that is being done at the government level in this regard. All of the information of one regarding the tax records, health certificates, Medicaid or Medicare benefits etc is stored in the databases of government. Nongovernmental authorities, like the credit bureaus, moreover uphold databases that include personal information of all the citizens. All these databases maintained by the governmental and nongovernmental can be further used by different authorized agencies.

There are also the companies that can get this information to provide the privacy services to the users of the computers. If they find any crime regarding the privacy then they can get easily the information of the criminal.

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