What Is An Offer And What Are The Essentials Of An Offer?


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It may be express or implied
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The word offer and proposal are used interchangeably. When a person gives his willingness to another person from doing or refrain anything from anything. When the person makes some proposal he is taking the assent of that other to such an act or self-denial it is called the proposal and the person makes the proposal. The characteristics of a legal offer are as below:

There must be an expression of willingness by one person to another to do or to abstain from doing something. The expression of willingness must be made to obtain the assent of the other person to such or abstinence.

The offer must be made wit the intention of creating legal relationship otherwise there will be no agreement. For example a person makes an offer to another person for selling his clock for a certain sum of money and the other person is willing to purchase it this is an legal offer between the two parties. If any condition is attached with the offer it will not be legal offer. The person making offer is called offeror and the person accepting offer is called offeree. It is necessary for a valid offer that is must be in written or in words to be a legal offer.

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