What Is The Project Management Process And What Is The Life Cycle Of Project?


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Project management is a continuing process. New demands always are put on the project team and have to be coordinated by the project manager through a process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling. So whenever there are new requirements for the project there are some business that come first to serve the needs and they always ready to take up opportunities.

The project originates as an idea in someone's mind, takes a conceptual form and eventually has enough substance so that key decisions makers in the organization select the project as a means of executing elements of strategy in the organization. In practice the project manager must learn to deal with a wide range of problems and opportunities each in a different stage of evolution and each having different relationships with the evolving projects.

This continuing continuous life cycle mode underscores the need to comprehend a project management process which if effectively and efficiently planned flow of problems and opportunities in a for and executed results in the creation of project results that complement the organizational strategy. Managing a large project is so complex that is difficult to comprehend all the action that have to be taken on successfully plan and execute the project. We need to divide the projects into parts in order to grasp the full significance of each part and just where that part fits in the scheme of the project.
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Hello. The project manager manages project resources - time, budget, people - assesses risks and is responsible for quality. Its task is to give the client the expected result. Lack of experience is one of the main barriers that prevents you from trying yourself in a new role. Online project management courses will help you in this, because valuable experience can only be gained from those who have already mastered this profession and know what to do.

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