Can You Explain The Major Steps In The Sales Process?


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Steps in the sales process
A salesman, if he is to be effective, must follow certain steps in making a sale. The main steps of the sales process are as follows:-
1- Prospecting
It means the location of new customers. A salesman should not be contended with the customers who purchase the products from him and should look for the new customers.
2- Pre approach
It is an important stage in the sales process. Before approaching the potential customers. The salesman should have full knowledge about the product, the company and the personal knowledge about the potential customers.

4- Approach
A salesman should be neatly dressed in the first face to the meeting with the prospect. He should approach the prospect cheerfully and gracefully.
5- Demonstration
Demonstrating the value of the product or sales is the heart of the sales process.
6- Objectives

A salesman should always mentally prepare to listen to objection raised by the prospect.
7- Closing
A salesman after creating desire for the purchase of a product or service enters into the crucial stage of closing the sales.
8- Follow up
When the prospect signs the order, sales process does not finally ends here. A salesman should follow up in the supply of goods or service as per conditions of the order

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