Can You Give Me A Diagram Of A Cargo Ship And Its Parts?


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Cargo ships are large freighters which are used to carry goods from one port to another.

They come in varying shapes and sizes, and here is some useful information regarding the different parts of a cargo ship:

Diagrams of cargo ships: If you're simply looking for a diagram that shows the different parts of a cargo ship, you may find the following resources quite useful:

Parts of a cargo ship
If you're interested in learning a bit more about the different parts of an average cargo ship, here's a list of things that you might come across when you're aboard:

  • The cargo hold - A safe place for storage and loading
  • Hatch cover - A cover that protects the cargo of the ship from bad weather
  • Ballast tank - These tanks sit on the lower side of the ship and can fill with sea water to give the boat stability whilst travelling.
  • The engine room - The heart of the ship, the place where its main engine is kept.
  • Battery room - Room where the ship's spare batteries are kept in case of blackout.
  • Emergency fire pump - This pump can supply sea water in case of fire.
For more information on the various parts of a cargo ship, I'd recommend this site of ship terminologies.
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I can suggest that you get a book called 'Merchant Ship Stability' by H.J.PURSEY.
He has been a great help to me in the designing and building of my last boat.

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