What Were The Difficulties That Elizabeth Blackwell Faced After Becoming A Doctor? How Did She Deal With Those Difficulties?


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After becoming a doctor, Elizabeth Blackwell (who was the first woman doctor in America) decided to move to Europe to practice medicine there as according to her, there were greater opportunities in Europe for female doctors than in the United States. Her surmise proved to be right as she worked in England and France and worked there for quite a long time. After almost a while, she decided to return back to the United States to try her luck in hospitals for a vacancy as a doctor nevertheless she failed.

The most basic reason for her failure was the despicable male chauvinistic attitude that the men showed towards her, making it very clear to Elizabeth Blackwell that she was not welcome or even acceptable by them as a doctor simply because she is woman. No one allowed her to pursue a medical career in any of the hospitals. The solution to this problem came when Elizabeth Blackwell opened her own hospital for women and children along with her sister Emily who was also a doctor. Along with that she also started a school where medical training was given to women. This hospital and school went a long way in helping the society as they helped the poor and produced more women doctors.

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