Milk Swollen Teets On A Post Nursing Female Cat, How Do I Help Dry Her Up?


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You don’t say whether all the kittens are weaned or not, or whether, in fact, she still has any of them still with her. If there are any kittens still suckling, her milk will continue, but if there aren’t you shouldn’t worry, her milk will dry up quickly without any help from you. Of course, if she has an infection, or mastitis, you will need to do something about it.

You can always ring the vet for some advice rather than take her in but if it is mastitis, she will need a vet to prescribe antibiotics. Left untreated, mastitis can cause septicemia and be fatal.

Warm compresses alongside the antibiotics will help relieve some of the discomfort that your cat may be feeling by causing the gland to drain, although in some cases it may need to be surgically lanced.

The symptoms for mastitis include: Loss of appetite; painful and swollen mammary glands; enlarged teats; abscesses; lethargy; discoloured milk; dehydration; discharge from the teats and redness.

Although cats with basic mastitis don’t show many symptoms and in fact don’t even appear to be ill, you may have noticed that she was reluctant to feed her kittens. If this isn’t the case, then your cat is probably in good health and will return to her pre-pregnancy state very soon.

To prevent this problem ever occurring again, you should have your cat spayed; you may be confident that you can find homes for all of your kittens but when you consider how many kittens just one tom cat can be responsible for if left un-neutered, no-one can be sure that the results will be well cared for. Spayed cats also have less risk of other infections and diseases, such as uterine cancer.
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You don't have to take her in, you can call and talk to one of the techs, or assistants. Explain your situation, and tell them that you aren't able to bring the cat in, but would appreciate their help in figuring out what to do for her.

I'm sure one of the things that they are going to tell you is that since her body is changing still, she will need plenty of water, so she needs a ready supply of it, as well as the food.
But please remember that this does usually take some time, and it may be a while longer before she is completely dry. Hope this helps, good luck.

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