Can You Provide Me With A Sample Resume For A Phlebotomy Technician?


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Here are a few samples you can use in your resume to describe what a Phlebotomist may do:

Six years experience with Macomb hospital as a phlebotomist. Extensive customer relations with various age and culture groups. Highly trained to collect blood using different type of needle such as the butterfly, syringe, and the straight needle under 3 minutes. Able to provide nursing services including: Medications and injections to patients as directed by the supervisors. Excellent skills at monitoring patient flow and, in the case of patient overflow, assisting health aides in preparation of examination rooms. Outstanding customer communication skills including partial sign language. Self motivated individual to consistently perform quality and productivity. Excellent leadership skills of crew ranging from three to five.

Responsibilities included performing a variety of routine blood drawing procedures to include venipuncture, techniques using standard equipment to include vaccutainer tubes and sleeves, tourniquets, syringes and butterfly needles, conferring with patient to obtain information for laboratory records, explain procedures, allay fears and elicit cooperation. Utilized standard procedures for the maintenance of positive patient identification; recorded appropriate collection information on proper requisitions. Other duties: Preparing, processing, labeling and storing patient specimens and samples according to departmental procedures using standard techniques and equipment, for subsequent analysis by Clinical Laboratory staff, providing technical guidance to Phlebotomy students assigned to work area, maintaining inventory of supplies; reordering as required; stocking supplies on carts and hand trays. Performed other related duties incidental to the work described herein.

Duties included: Welcoming patients and facilitated registration, obtaining intake information, including personal data, medical history, and insurance coverage, requesting records and files from other healthcare providers, completing insurance forms and make patient referrals, locating patient insurance information via computer search, answering high volume of calls traffic and responding to general inquiries and reroute specific calls. Word processed letters and memoranda; typed forms and labels. Retrieved and filled medical records and reports, prepared and coordinated specimens and cultures for dispatch to laboratory; obtained initial lab and diagnostic test results and performed patient vital signs.

Handled venipuncture, electrocardiogram, urine analysis, blood testing, centrifuging autoclaving.

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