ICS 200: Who Is Responsible For Determining The Appropriate Tactics For An Incident?


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  • Where to find out

Have a look at this link as, not only does it answer the question that you have now, but also many others on ICS, some that you may find yourself asking sometime in the future. All the information is provided in an interactive way, using a PowerPoint presentation, so you are sure to be able to find the details that you are looking for.

  • About ICS

Described as the way of controlling the organization of the emergency response services, to help ensure a fast response time with an affective service, the principles of ICS, or the Incident Command System as it sometimes also known as, were first matured in the 1970s, due mainly to the horrific incidents in California.

When an extremely large amount of wildfires created havoc throughout the state, with many people being hurt or killed, the authorities deemed that it was due to communication problems that response times where not at the level that they could and should have been, rather than due to lack of equipment, therefore generating the idea of ICS.

ICS is now a system that is used throughout the United States of America, its efficiency being tested regularly through a series of emergency and non-emergency trials, a check that has been carried out for over 30 years.

Every government throughout the States, no matter what its level, has to provide training in the Incident Command System, and many privately owned companies feel that it is beneficial to do this too, using ICS as a way to supervise and handle any events that they may have.

Not just a system confined to America, ICS is also used extensively in the United Nations, the United Kingdom and in Canada.

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