I Have A 16 Hp Roper Tractor And Would Like To No What Year It Is.The?


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 TO2211RO 1973 Roper 10 HP Garden Tractor  
 LT120CR 1988 Roper 12 HP Lawn Tractor  
 YT160BT 1984 Roper 16 HP Yard Tractor  
 YT160CT 1985 Roper 16 HP Yard Tractor  
 GT180AR 1984 Roper 18 HP, 6 Speed Garden Tractor  
 T9329AR 1979 Roper 20T Tractor Operation  
 TT738AR 1977 Roper 48" Rotary Mower Deck 
 L8212AR 1982 Roper 8HP, 36" Lawn Tractor  
 T32241R4 1977 Roper RT 13 Garden Tractor  
 T32241R2 1979 Roper RT 13 Garden Tractor  
 T02241R1 1974 Roper RT-10 Tractor   
 TO2231RO 1973 Roper RT-10 Tractor Operation  
 TO2241R1 1974 Roper RT-10 Tractor Operation  
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