How Do I Get A Chauffeur Licence And Accreditation In Adelaide South Australia?


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Getting a chauffeur license and accreditation in Adelaide, South Australia means that you have to follow particular procedures. You have to successfully complete a four hour introductory session; a practical basic skills driving assessment; 20 hours on the road supervised training; a three day training course, and a final assessment. There will be fees associated with some of these components but you will receive the details of these in your introductory session.

There are a number of places that you can book into and you can find their contact details on this site: When you book your place you will need to show your South Australian drivers license and pay the necessary fee.

The Driver Accreditation Application Form has to be fully completed and your declaration signature has to be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. You also need to arrange to undergo a medical examination that includes having your eyesight checked: There could be a fee for this service. You will also need to complete a Personal Information Police Application Form and submit it to any police station in order to obtain a National Police Certificate. This may take a week to ten days to receive, and you need to collect the certificate in person. It is also likely that this service will attract a fee.

You need to be aware that you have three months from the date that you receive your National Police Certificate to complete the rest of the training and accreditation process.

For drivers who fail to pass the driving assessment part of the process, it can be repeated but there must be a minimum of two full workings days' interval, and it will incur more fees.

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