What Are The Five Elements Of Information System?


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Whereas some leading authors in the world of computing say there are six elements to information systems, others can narrow it down to five. Irrespective of the writers and academics you believe, there are some elements which are mutually agreed upon. Firstly, hardware is integral to an information system. Depending on the scale of this infrastructure, hardware could be just one PC in a modest setup, or hundreds in other cases. All of the other physical pieces of equipment used to make it work, such as Internet routers for example, are also included in this element.

Now: Next time you’re sipping coffee or browsing the Internet, remember that this is made possible thanks to software - the second-most important element of an information system.

Every time you type into your PC, you are inputting data. Whether it’s your name, a picture that you have transferred from your camera, or a piece of artwork that your daughter created herself on paint, these are all files stored on your hard drive, and data is the third element.

If you’ve ever had to get a bit of training in order to come to terms with the complicated formulae in Microsoft Excel, you will have been grappling with the procedures used to manipulate software, data and hardware to your advantage. This is why procedures are the fourth element of an information system.

Finally, let’s not forget the programmers and other visionaries such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who invest in research and development to create new ways for information systems to be implemented. This, when combined with the debatable sixth element of communication, leaves you with your answer.
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Five Element of Information system:
1.) Data/Information
2.) Software
3.) Hardware
4.) People
5.) Procedure
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To make an Information System there should be main five elements participated.

Hardware System:
Consist with physical devices provide processing power and various infrastructures to the system. Basically consist with CPU, NIC interfaces, RAM, Hard disk/Tapes, Multimedia Devices etc.

Software System:
Consist Various Application Software and utility programs process data and add various features to the system. Software system interconnect Users and hardware devices. (Act like an interface between hardware and users). Software system include user manuals and documentations also.

Peoples who interact with the system. They operate/handle the system and navigate the system to do useful tasks.
They are well known peoples about the certain field and help other users to get service from the system

Information processing in the system. (Information generate using collection of data). Intangible form and also represent various status of the system. Using data system able to make good decisions and operate correctly, Main outcome of the system is also Useful Data collection.

Polices and rules to operate the system. Define role and irresponsibilities of information system. Illustrates analogy of System. Help to better performance and correct execution of the system.
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Input and output
feedback and
environment and boundaries
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I think elements translates into the components of an IS and not its characteristics. These may include among other
Computer equipment
the software
the program manuals, procedures
the personnel/users
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I think you are asking about five elemens of computer information system. In my opinion, they are as follows;

-Response time
-Resource utilization
-Resource service time
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Management, plant personal, the computer hardware, the computer software and computer  personnel
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The first element is the information source,2nd transmitter,3rd a channel,4th receiver,and 5th destination. This constitutes a communication system.
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The five elements of an information system are


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