What Is Budget And Budgetary Control?


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A budget is a numerical plan for the allocation of resources to the specific activities.These budgets are set as standards upon which organizational spending are judged which is called the budgetary control. This helps an organization in planning effectively for the next fiscal year and also an organization in accountability of individuals as standard matching acts as a guide for the organization for employee performances.
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What is the panacea to the problems of poor budget implementation by most governments
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Budget is basically when you are planning all your expenses and revenue. It is a concept of microeconomics and refers to the monetary organizational plan of an organization. Budgetary control refers to the formal statement of financial resources where all the activities of an organization are allocated financial resources for a given period of time. To know in detail about Budget and Budgetary control, see the link below:
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A bUdget is a financial concept to know how to use the money properly when, where & how?
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Budget saying  we are understand  budget is express  income  and expenses and where gone the money

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