Can A Unemployed Active Duty Military Spouse Get A Loan?


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The short answer is yes as there is always someone willing to lend you money. Whether you want to deal with those kinds of people is another matter entirely.
From the research I’ve conducted it would be easier if your partner in the military applied for the loan as they are the one with the guaranteed income and will likely to receive better rates and conditions compared to someone without their own revenue stream.
There are several financial sites that cater specifically to supplying military personnel with loans and there are many different types of military loans such as bad credit military loans, low-rate loans for retired personnel, military debt consolidation loans and military loans for various purposes like home repair, education and travel.
Try Martial Loans ( who offer a 24-hour military loans, if you need a quick turnaround or have a look at Military Loans ( Although they are quick to point out the ease of obtaining a loan, in reality to get a good deal on a loan it can be quite hard for military personnel. This is due to most personnel not having a permanent address or a great amount of assets to use as collateral.
The simple truth is that the more willing a company is to thrust money in your hand, the worse the APR and conditions will probably be on the loan. Basically you need to shop around and get elbow deep in the small print to make sure you’re getting a good deal.
Are you a home owner? If you are a signatory on the papers then you may be able to use the house as collateral in a loan agreement but again you’ll almost certainly have to do this jointly with your partner. I hope this helps and good luck!
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If you only have to show the income of the guarantee and this in turn accept that you are giving consent to the loan, if you need a better accessor check this page payday loans in pa, it is very good of her to get a loan, thanks to my wife and what we paid in less than 3 months and they gave us a discount on the interest because we paid it in less than a year I recommend it

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Yes you can get a loan as you are unemployed so you may check different websites that would provide you good quality loans.
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I am a military spouse and I am currently self-employed, will I be able to get a loan

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