What Is The Pay Scale WEST BENGAL Teachers In Sixth Pay Commission Approved By Cabinet?


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This turns out to be one of the many mysteries of the universe one is apparently not supposed to solve. In spite of intensive research, no real sense could be made out of any of the available information regarding the approval of the Sixth Central Pay Commission and it's actual effect on the pay scale of West Bengali teachers.

  • Lack of Understanding
This could, however, be simply a matter of a lack of understanding with regards to the overall information presented. This information is based on political, financial and technical terms of which the author of this post has little understanding. This, of course, is of no great help to anyone.

  • Differences in Implementation
To add to this dilemma, it also appears that both implementation and the effects this has on pay scales for different teachers in different areas vary. To put it in other words, the whole structure of this commission is utterly confusing.

  • Suggestions
The best that can be done, therefore, is to suggest a range of sites from which someone with a little more understanding of Indian politics, et, may actually glean the desired information. These sites include, among other, similar pages,, finmin.nic, the AICTE pay scales and GoogleDocs.
The alternative to this would be to contact a school within the West Bengal district and inquire directly. It should be possible to locate the names of various schools and colleges via West Bengal Education.

  • Apology
Sincere apologies for the lack of more detailed information. Hopefully the information provided here will assist in finding the required details in some way. Additional research, perhaps from another angle, may also help to shed some light on teacher's pay scales in the West Bengal region. Unfortunately, limited time does not allow further, more extensive research from this location.

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