Can You Have A Felony In Florida And Get A Certified Nurses License?


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That's not true, I have a really bad felony and I got accepted to a very good nursing school.  It was hard and it took a lot of effort but I  got in.  What  I did was first volunteered at a hospital for a while and received A's and B's for the pre classes they required.  The volunteering helps a lot.
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It would do you good to have your record expunged first because schools and colleges won't accept you if you have a felony and they can find out once they do a background check on you.....the best to you
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Thats not true. You only have to wait one year after being convicted of a felony before being eligible for grants for school. If you have money, you can enroll then. Laws have changed, felons are having more chances as the years go by. Once you've gotten a degree and want to own your own business, you may have to put it someone elses name.
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Once again Sea26 you need to stop saying something is wrong if you don't know the facts and even if you can go to a school or a college after a year who wants them to be able to pull up a record on you,why not have it expunged and my answer is based on information from a judge at a lecture, you see I do try to be well versed on a subject if I answer if I don't know I will say that also, and you need to stop saying something is not TRUE, why would you want to go to school with a record.....
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WELL-IT WOULD BE GREAT TO HAVE A FELONY EXPUNGED BUT A FELONY CONVICTION CANNOT BE EXPUNGED. If someone is charged with a felony and sentenced to deferred adjudication and successfully completes their probation hence resulting in non-finding of guilt the arrest can be expunged. However if there is a felony conviction on someones record it cannot be removed unless the case is overturned.which is highly unlikely.

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