How Might Hospital Measure Quality?


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Hospitals are inspected, as are nursing homes and extended care facilities every two ( 1 or 3?) yrs. By the JCAH, the Joint Commission of the Accreditation of Hospitals.  Believe me, every nook and cranny is inspected, as well as the credentialing of all personnel who need to be licensed to do what they do.  Employees can be stopped in halls, and questioned.  This goes on for 3 days, and then the hospital is graded.  If there are enough infractions, it can be shut down.  Small ones have so many days to fix whatever was found to be wrong.  It's a very extensive and nerve-wracking process for every employee at the hospital, and the night before the inspection, the very last thing done, is the floors are all polished to a shine by a crew of housekeepers who work all night.  Not only is this scheduled visit completed, the JCAH can come to any site any time they want to...and do.  So don't worry, hospitals are held to the very highest degree of perfection.


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