How Much Does A Person Who Makes 100,000 Dollars A Year Make In An Hour?


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It depends on what you mean by "make in an hour"...  If you're talking a full 24-hour day...  Then 100,000 breaks down into: $273.78 a day (100,000/365.25).  That would be $11.41 per hour (273.78/24).  To go farther...  Said person would make 19 cents a min (11.41/60), or about a third of a cent every second (.19/60).

If your talking just working hours, assuming said person is working a 40-hour week, and that's it...  $1,923.08 would be the person's weekly income (100,000/52).  That would be $48.08 an hour (1,923.08/40), 80 cents a min. (48.08/60), or 1 and a third pennies per second (.80/60) that the person is at work.    

Of course if you take into account the possibility of over time, holiday pay, vacation time (if your making 100k you probably are getting like 2 weeks vacation a year, which may alter the values  - to 50 dollars an hr if you don't get paid those 2 weeks [(100,000/50)/40]), taxes, and other such details then these values are not going to be right.

**Due to rounding to get to the nearest cent, the numbers may not add up 100% if you go backwards...

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