What Is The Meaning And The Aim Of Standard Terms And Conditions In Contracts?


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The terms and conditions are different for different organizations. The terms and conditions are written for a contract to tell the employees or customers what is lawful and what is unlawful. It also explains the terms on which the company employs a certain person. A few terms are changeable. For example, the salary of a person and other benefits are different for different people. The rest remains the same.

On Internet, the websites present their terms and conditions before sign up to a certain account so that the person could know about the terms before the sign up. If you don't agree the terms then you can't proceed.
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Talking in specific about the 'Standard' Terms and Conditions, all companies/ organizations usually have them but not all of them name it so.

While entering into contracts with other parties, each organization usually does incorporate some standard terms and clauses it considers important for every contract (Standard Terms and Conditions). While some other clauses specific to the nature of the contract are also included and these may be referred to as "Specific Terms and Conditions".

As I said earlier, every organization does have a set of Standard Clauses inserted into every agreement, but some formally name them as "Standard Terms and Conditions" while others just group them with specific conditions under the general heading "Terms and Conditions".

And the aim of having "Standard Terms and Conditions" is to make sure that each contract has them and they are not skipped.

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