Which Occupation Has The Highest Suicide Rate?


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Occupation is not much of a factor in suicide. Psychologists have researched on this and found that among the top predictors for suicide are diagnosable mental disorder, loss of social support , stress etc.

However different researches shows different data. A study shows that Food batch-makers and Physicians have the highest suicide rates. Another research shows that veterinarians have the highest suicide rate in Britain.
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helen baillie-gutteridge
It is not that veterinary medicine is a depressing profession that the rate is high, but is thought to be that vets have easy access to what they know is a painless method, plus the expertise to self-administer. Makes you wonder how many people really don't want to be here, but lack the resources to bow out in a way acceptable to them.
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Its up to the individual to make a decision... If it was up to the average social aspect ... Society would probably say... "" don't kill yourself ""
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I think linking suicide with occupation is BS, its a personal matter and I do not think its always associated with work.
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Police personnel - I read somewhere, because of the stress on the job can be debilitating.

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