What Should I Name My (Future) Clothing Store?


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The possibilities are almost endless.

Designers tend to use their own names if the store entirely stocks their collections. It has worked well for the likes of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. You don’t need to have an exotic sounding name either as the British designer Paul Smith shows. If you have a distinctive first name or surname like Versace, how about using it on its own? The benefit of doing this is that you get your designer’s name known as well as your store’s. If there are a team of you behind the venture, use your initials or an anagram of them. So if your team is Daniel and Adam, use D&A or even DNA, bringing a bit of wordplay in to it.

Alternatively, you could try something totally abstract. Superdry is the fastest growing fashion label in Europe and Gap is known all over the world. What do they mean? Nothing.

If that’s too difficult, you could use your store name to hint at what’s inside. For a shop specialising in clever wooly jumpers you could have Knit Wit. If you specialise in threads for the obese, what about Big & Beautiful? For little people, Perfectly Formed.

Stores have also referenced songs that they feel fit their ideology. If you’re selling the skinny jeans and battered T-shirts popularised by the Rolling Stones, you could use Brown Sugar.

So in the end, it doesn’t have to be an obvious connection to you, your stock or anything at all. Just pick something that’s easy to remember and with a combination of advertising and word-of-mouth, you will succeed providing your products are good and they are pitched to the right people at the right price. Do that and the name becomes an irrelevance.
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What service or product best describes your business. Just named that one. I offer baby clothes and accessories so I named it as 500babies.
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Sounds like "Rags to Riches" to me.
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Style 4 girlz /,style 4 boys ,my style ,cute and fashion, mod style, glam chic,drama girlz,drama queen, and thats some names what to call your shop
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What should I name my clothing store in arabic
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Hot Sense, Major Mood, somthing that attracts the person's attention like Hot Topic.
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You can choose a name which fits both to your online business and also to your store and your customer as well. I think the names which fit on your description is "Chic Clothes Store", and it will be best suited to your business.
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