What Goals Do All Managers Have In Common?


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The goals that all managers have in common include team building, budgeting, and improving the public reputation of their companies. Every manager is hired to look after a certain pool of employees, in a specific department. Managers must work hard to create the right team of staff, and then support that group. Duties of managers who supervise employees may include: Hiring, firing, scheduling, training, and team building. A manager must be able to prioritize tasks and deal with everyday problems, while still retaining a sense of vision about the overarching goals of his or her company. The best managers will never lose sight of their most important goals, even when work gets stressful and they spend lots of time "putting out fires" or troubleshooting.

Managers work on team building, because they all realize that morale is a vital factor in the success and longevity of their companies. Typical team building exercises held by managers include workshops, seminars, and corporate retreats.

Saving the company money through careful budgeting of resources is an important part of being a manager. Managers will look for ways to save on the typical monthly expenses of doing business - including labor, electricity, office supplies, computer equipment and maintenance, and Internet connections. Managers may use accounting software, such as Excel, to track expenses and analyze them.

Improving the public reputation of their companies will always be a focus; usually, a manager will ensure that customers receive stellar service from staff, as this will ensure positive word-of-mouth advertising that helps the company attract new clients. Training employees on how to conduct themselves with clients, and making sure that each employee understands his or her responsibility to the company will be vital parts of any manager's duties. Many managers take courses and ongoing training themselves, in order to learn better management techniques.

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