How Can You Encourage People To Use Public Transport?


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1.private vehicles can tribute to air pollution.
2.public mass transit helps reduce gasoline consumptions a
3.less traffic
4.reduce need for costly highway construction
5. Less air pollution
6. Reduce need for parking lots
7. On bus/train, can relax or do work because you are not driving!
Save money on gas
8. Protect enviorment

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Commuting or using public transportation can reduce your carbon footprint. It's great for our air, and its less stressful. Often times, it can be cheaper to commute than to drive. Our Company offers preferred parking spaces to those the carpool, and subsidy for those purchasing public transportation passes. They also encourage people to use public transportation by having flexible hours that revolve around train and bus schedules.
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We offer a 50% subsidy for riding the bus to get to work.  We also draw names on a quarterly basis giving gift certificates from $10-$50 if employees use alternative modes of transportation to work, carpool, ride their bike,  or telework at least three times per week.  On high-pollution days, we give "free-drink/ice cream" coupons to employees who carpool, ride the bus or work from home (with prior approval).  We also have fairs throughout the year promoting our Trip Reduction Program (TRP).  It has proved quite successful.
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It is very difficult to get people to do something that you know is right, like this. There are too many reasons why people refuse to use public transportation but if they would only give it a chance, they would understand that most of the reasons are untrue. You would need to find a way to prove to them that it will save energy, save them money and cut down on traffic. Even those this may be obvious to most people, they still refuse to believe it. Then you would have to ensure to them that it will not take away from their freedom to go as they please. Having to wait for a bus to come or maybe you have to stay late at work and the bus stops running before you get done. These are just a few of the things that would need to be overcome to get people to use public transportation.
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You can explain to them that using public transportation (or even a bike) instead of there car, can be more cost effected towards them - because they can save money on gas. And seriously -  they can go out to parties and not "usually" have to worry about how much they drink because they are not driving home  (drunk driving)
and by using a public transportation , a person can get to and from a place    sober or non sober, safely for themselves and  others around them
I hope this helped! :-D
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very valid point..thanks
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Good answer but think of it , many people change when they are drunk, you don't want to put other people's safety at risk ...
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All three reasons listed in the question are good reasons for people to use public transportation. Another would be to offer free rides after the pay for a certain amount of trips, offer free or discount tickets for the older people. It would also help if the transit company kept the buses cleaner.
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Very valid point... public transportation, especially in Los Angeles, is filthy! They need to clean it up.
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Using public transportation can be difficult if it is too cold to stand and wait or if the stop is too far to walk to or any number of reasons if you already have you're own, usually those individuals who have no other means use public transportation, I believe that corporations should take the lead on this one and offer a alternate means of transportation to their employees that would pick them up from home for a fee that would cover gas and service on a vehicle, lets get the large corporations involved and make them responsible for helping out.
We need to give them some sort of assurance that it is more reliable and so that they can rely upon and which tends to yield a lot of comfort.
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To promote and encourage US citizens to utilize the public transportation in their community first we must provide more adequate and substantial means of transport for them to utilize. While some eastern cities in the USA have a more developed infrastructure related to moving the masses. Most western cities are lagging in the ability to move even a small percentage of the people. This is mainly due to the prior attitude and promotion of private vehicle and roadways built for the sole purpose of the individual and their individual needs. Compound this basic transportation gap and commuting issues with the recreational needs and in more recent time the indulgence of alcohol and driving and the lack of means to deal with these issues and we have come to terms with the lack of foresight that the planners of our past had as to the requirements of our present and future.
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I think I will say to them that in riding public transport vehicles, they can lessen the risk of global warming and air pollution, also they can save up energy coz they can sleep and relax in a public transportation. It is quiet using a lot of energy when you are riding your own car. Its better to ride in a public transportation vehicle but be sure that you are safe against hold-ups and snatchers, they may be just out there ..
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I live in a rural area so this is not even an option here but it is an excellent question and some informative answers have been offered. Everyone should care about our earth as it is the only one God made for us. We should all feel responsible for managing the earth's resources and for showing good stewardship in keeping it clean for the next generation. Good question!!
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edith huelsnitz answered could stay home,or take the bus,or bike,walk,jog,run,skip,gallop,trot,bounce, high bread cars there electric cars. Don't litter. Don't smoke.

3.ride a bike,ride my big wheel
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1 improve public transport
2 good maintenance and upgrading technology
3 provide park and ride facilities
4 provide bus lane

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