Open Casting Calls Or Auditions (in The UK) ?


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There are actually lots of websites that are dedicated to listing all the open casting calls and auditions in the UK.

Some of the best websites for casting calls and auditions are and
There are several other sites that are similar if you have no luck with the two provided. To find more websites simply head to Google and type in 'open casting calls and auditions UK'.

When going for any job it is crucial you are confident and sell yourself and this is even more important when going for acting roles. You have to fight any nerves you may have and exude a confidence that the panel will definitely detect. For most casting calls your interview will be in the form of a trial script performance. Therefore you have to be on top form straight away if you want to impress the directors.

Practicing performing unread scripts straight-off would be great preparation for such an event. You could ask your drama teacher or fellow students to watch your acting piece and to give constructive criticism. It is important to take criticism on-board and deal with it in a positive and pro-active manner. Although some comments may hurt it is crucial you learn from them rather than dwell on or be bitter about it.
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If you look at it has a list od different auditions and modellin opurtunities - it seems to be a genuine, safe site

Good Luck!
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To be an extra you need to join a legitimate agency that doesn't ask for money up front.  There are several in London and a few more dotted around the country.  

Look up Supporting Artistes on google - most of the websites that come up are legit because Supporting Artist is the correct term and all the decent agencies use it.  Also check the National Association of Supporting Artistes for a list of these agencies.

Good Luck, but don't for a second think it will be glamorous.  The days are long, about 12 hours or so and they start really early, you have to arrive at 5.30am sometimes.  When you are not being used you often spend the day in a tent sitting on benches, or an old double decker bus. It can be very boring, as nothing happens for hours at a time. You will be amazed how many films are set in a muddy field somewhere usually cold and wet and a lot of the time you will have to be outside in the freezing cold wearing thin costumes, plus standing on your feet all day in uncomfortable shoes and NOT complain. Finally, its a bit like being back at school, on a field trip where they herd you like sheep, shout at you and make you queue up for everything.

Otherwise, its great fun. ;P
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I would like to be in a movie or an extra in a film in uk :)
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The ones you have to pay for star now scams, I'm on star and its great I've had 2 or 3 auditions and already have an agent. I'm 13 and I would definately recommend it if you are really serious about pursuing the career of acting, or at least until you get a better opportunity!
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What agent do you have, I am 13 too and am also on starnow but not a full member because it seems like its a scam and the movies seem to be 'student made' so please help.
Thanks x
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You can try its totaly good I auditiond for the role of sadie j in the new cbbc series thanks to this agency, yes it costs but any agency needs money to pay for themselfs and to have a good website! Another grat thing is that if you upgrade your account you get a free photo shoot by double take studios :) xx
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I wouldn't trust any site that says you have to pay, it's usually a scam. I'm trying to find something myself and it's not easy :\

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