Where Are Disney Channel Auditions In Fort Wayne ,indiana?


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There are a number of Disney Channel auditions taking in Indiana throughout 2011, however, I could not find any auditions taking place in Fort Wayne. It appears that Disney Channel auditions in Indiana happen mostly in Indianapolis. These auditions are for both adults and children.

• 8/25/2011

This audition is for those between the ages of 18 and 35 who specialize in stand-up comedy. The successful candidate will take part in two stand-up comedy events. In order to submit yourself for this audition, you must send a reel of your work and a resume on or after the 7/25/11. For your audition, you must have at least 20 minutes worth of comedy material - no swearing or sexual references, please! The closing date is the one listed in the bullet point. This audition is taking place in Indianapolis.

• 7/24/11

This audition requires that you submit your application before the above date, and applications are already being submitted. The audition is looking for three actors, two male and one female. Male applicants must be or appear to be between the ages of 32-37 and 50-60, while female applicants must be or appear to be between the ages of 28-33.

• 6/29/11

There is a casting session on the above date which is seeking at least 14 male and female actors of aged 18 and over. The casting is for the production of a feature length film, which will be shot in and around Indiana, and abroad.

In Indiana, there are approximately 20 Disney Channel auditions per year. However, the centers for Disney Channel auditions are Orlando, Florida, and California, as this is where the Disney Land studios are located. If you or your child is very keen to take part in a Disney Channel audition, then it may be worth checking out the timetable for auditions in these areas.

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