What Are Directive Principles?


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The term Directive Principles refers to guidelines for the government, which ought to be kept in mind when it frames laws and policies. Along these same lines, India has enshrined the Directive Principles of State Policy in Part IV of its Constitution. These provisions, however, cannot be enforced by any court of law. These are principles that are fundamental in governing the country and it is the State's duty to apply these principles while making laws. The Directive Principles of State Policy have their roots in Directive Principles that are found in the Constitution of Ireland as well as in Gandhian philosophy. This is because the Irish nationalist movement had a deep impact on the makers of the Indian Constitution. The aim is to achieve social and economic democracy to establish a welfare state. They function as a check on the Indian government. Establishing equality is an important principle for the State. For example "Equal pay for equal work was applied for both men and women", Article 39(d), is one of the Directive Principles.

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