What Is The Role Of A Data Administrator?


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A data administrator is supposed to process data.

  • Functions of DBA
Data administrator or database administrator is also known as DBA. This person is not like a data manager. Instead, they are a professional at data processing where they will organize data. They work full time in order to help tens or hundreds of thousands of people to access information. They are also going to work in development, management, and monitoring the database. They ensure that everything in a network or group of computers is running smoothly.

  • Link to Users
The data administrator is going to link to users in order to communicate with them with regards to what data is needed. They may help the users write external schemas or use DDL external applications.

The data administrator will work for backup and recovery procedures. They will also ensure that the system is functioning properly in order to keep the company running smoothly. If human error occurs the person in charge of the database will help to fix the fault or damage to the database.

  • Overall Functions
Overall the data administrator is supposed to manage the structure of the database, the data activity, administer the system database manager, set the data dictionary, and ensure the database is reliable. They are also a part of confirming the security in place to protect the database.

A data administrator should have a computer science or IT degree. It can be a junior level degree with student systems engineering or other related fields. Most often a company looks for at least six months experience as a data administrator before they will hire a person. They are also going to look for a person that can do the main tasks such as backup and restore implementation.

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Data administrator is more a managerial role than technical. DA will involve carrying out strategic planning for databases, setting policies and procedures and setting goals.
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Their role varies according to the company. Like small companies database administrator are also network administrator. Database administrator do following things >>>

- ensure backups happen and are done right
- optimize the database, create partitions, size extents, configure system variables
- interact with system administrators when upgrading software and adding hardware
- keep the database up and running
- install database patches
- restore the database after crashes or data loss

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It is to create data and to

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