How Many People Did It Take To Build The Taj Mahal?


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It was built in 22 years (1631 to 1653) by 20,000 artisans brought to India from all over the world.
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1.  Archaeological Survey of India
1)-to open the locks of upper and lower portions of the 4 storeyed red stone
building of Taj Mahal having numbers of rooms, 2)-to remove all bricked up
walls build later blocking such rooms therein, 3)-to investigate scientifically
and certify that which of those or both cenotaphs are fake,4)-to look for a
subterrance storey below the river bank ground level, 5)-to look into after
removing the room-entrance directly beneath the basement cenotaph-chamber.6)-
by removing the brick and lime barricade flocking the doorway, 7)-to look for
important historical evidence such as idols and inscriptions hidden inside
there by the  Shahjahan’s orders as truth
may not make us rich but the same will make us free from superstitions and
false propoganda.

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20000 -22000 people

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