How Do You Write A Leave Letter On Father's Death?


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I want to write a letter informing my office about my father;s death
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Arthur Wright answered
Just put you're requesting an immediate leave of absence for a death in your family and put dates you need from starting to when you expect to return here
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Try this below, I hope it works...

Your Name

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City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I would like to request a (how many days or weeks here, example thirty day)
leave of absence for (personal reasons, death of a family member, etc.). If
possible, I would like to leave work on (Dates here - July 1 and return on
August 1).

If approved, I will be traveling during this period, but I would be glad to
assist with any questions via email, phone or face to face.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


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I also don't think you should worry about it. Just describe the situation, I'm sure your boss will step in and give you a little vacation. When my mother died, I also asked for a few days off. I needed time to at least choose urns for ashes, so of course I was given a little vacation to work through all these not-so-pleasant things.

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