What Is The Average Wage For An Afghanistan Worker?


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In afghanistan the daily wage is about $1.5 to 2.0 for labours, if they could find work to do;but many of them pass several days without employment; and for school teacher or governmental employee salary is $75.0 per month. And for engineers or foreigner companies employee salary is about $800.0 to 4000.0 maonthly.and around $35000.0 for ministry positions.
The one who came from foreign countries have opportunity to have salary about $4000.0 to unknown value according to his relationship with the employers or clearly USA and UN agencies,

Eng.Halim Wardak
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Annual wages in Afghanistan of a worker is poor but improving constantly.  Average pay for an Afghan Labourer is currently around $376 a year, based on 2007 GDP. For further information visit this link:
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They earn bombs not cash...

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