How Do I Make My Teacher Shut Up?


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You can't really make her. It's her job, right? I've had really annoying teachers/professors and I've thought this exact question.. Honestly. I'd say either switch classes if you can, and if you can't, you kind of have to deal with it..

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You do realize that it's your teacher's job to talk? If she/he doesn't talk to you then they aren't doing their job. If they take the lazy way out and show you a video or movie or some crap then they are terrible at their job. The best teachers are blowhards who can talk for long periods.

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Haha I agree, but I have a teacher who tells us to do our work by the end of the period and won't let us work while she's talking... but talks the whole period and later asks why we don't have it done. It depends on the teacher :3
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Yes I had a teacher like that. Then there are those lazy teachers that put on a Youtube video or a movie and let us watch those all period.
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Tell The Principle that '' you don't do any work because she talks the whole period.''

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