What Are The Attributes Of A System Analyst?


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A system analyst has a range of functions, including research of problems, planning of solutions, recommendation of systems and software and coordination of developments necessary to meet business and other requirements.

In addition, they act as a liaison between vendors, IT professionals and end users, as well as often being responsible for design considerations, translation of user specific requests into technical specifications, cost analysis and development, as well as implementation time lines.

Typical problems solved by system analysts include cost-efficiency of inventory holding, evaluation of customer needs, such as ordering times, etc, and efficient analysis of financial information.

  • Necessary Skills
As well as requiring technical skills and knowledge, including knowledge of hardware, software and a whole range of techniques involved in system design, planning, programming, development, testing and application, a system analysts also has to have business skills, including knowing about organizational structures, and management techniques; traditions, plans, strategies and values of an organization and functional work processes.

People skills, including an understanding of how people learn and think, work, respond to change and communicate. Communication and interpersonal skills are, in fact, crucial to obtain information, motivate other individuals and achieve cooperation, as well as understanding the complex processes within an organization if necessary support is to be provided.

  • Qualities and Characteristics
A good system analyst should consequently have excellent knowledge and skills of techniques and tools used within technology, business and people, as well as an ability to adjust to and comprehend constantly advancing technology and business methods.

A good system analyst should be a logical and critical thinker who is inquisitive, patient and persevering, methodical and broad minded. In addition, he must be able to communicate with a variety of individuals from varying backgrounds in order to achieve and motivate, as well as maintain cooperation between all parties involved.
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· Must Know how organizations function
· Must know latest developments in computer hardware and software
· Can get along with diverse people from top level managers to the last level of employees
· Must be able to express himself and absorb information by being a good listener.
· Must have an analytical mind
· Must have a broad general knowledge.

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