How Much Money Does Drake Make?


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That information is not publicly available, although Drake landed an extremely lucrative contract thanks to his enormous popularity and the bidding war that ensued to sign up the young rapper. The music industry doesn't work the same as most other industries, musicians and composers aren't paid by the hour or given a salary as such.

  • It works like this:
Initially an artist is normally awarded an advance based on a normally modest sales projection - Drake signed with Cash Money Records and through his management was able to negotiate a staggering $2 million advance.

In the past, a music artist would forfeit their publishing rights and a substantial percentage of the profit from sales. Drake has managed to keep the rights to his songs and is paid a huge 75% of any revenue made from sales.

  • What makes Drake so special?
A variety of factors have come together which have made Drake an extremely commercially viable commodity.

- Starring in much-loved Canadian TV show 'Degrassi: The Next Generation' could not have hurt. This may well have helped toward building a fan base.
- Before even signing a record deal Drake had built up a loyal hardcore fan base
- Rap Superstar Lil' Wayne has promoted him
- A management team of Cortez Bryant and Hip Hop since 1978 who are responsible for artists such as Lil Wayne and Kanye West respectively
- Sold over 300,000 copies of his single on iTunes in just two weeks of release
All these factors would have helped start the bidding war which saw Drake score an impressive and extremely lucrative contract, especially for a debut artist.
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He signed with Young Money (Lil' Wayne's record label) for $4 million. Add to that appearances, concerts, and his CD that'll be dropped this year, he'll be pushing the $10 mill mark.

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