I Want To Write A Letter Through Mail To My Boss . Regarding Regine. What Should Be Written In The Letter?


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Your letter should be written in a professional manner. You should include your name and contact details, as well as addressing your boss in the appropriate manner.

You should use their title or refer to them by formal name. Your letter should state your problem and if necessary expand into an example of this problem occurring.

For your boss to understand, they will need some context with regards your grievance. The question specifies that it is a regime problem. Your letter should explain what it is that is wrong with the regime. You will want to word it carefully but accurately, because a regime is a hierarchy of power and a chain of command; criticizing the regime can be critical of your boss, or worse it could be seen by higher powers within the company who may take offense or even take disciplinary action.

By being specific and fair you avoid this. If you feel there is an issue with the management, or the management structure, then you should say this. If you feel there is something inefficient with the current structure of the organization you should say. If you feel that the ownership are in some way acting in an improper fashion then you should say.

The letter itself would be better typed. Handwriting can be difficult to read and ink can become damaged/warped by any water or heat. Typing allows you to use set letter style guides as well. The letter should be detailed but not an essay; nobody wants to read page after page. At the same time it should be well punctuated and grammatically correct, giving the best impression of professionalism.
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I want to write a letter through mail to my boss. Regarding join training
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I wont to write a letter through mail to my director .regarding regine left the job in restaurant so what should be written in the letter?
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I think you are asking about resignation and there is a spelling mistake. You can see the sample resignations from the link below and put your wording and circumstance into it:

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