How To Write A Commitment Letter For A Job?


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If you have been mulling over multiple job offers and have made a final decision on the position you want, it is a classy move to write a commitment letter to your future employer. It shows professionalism on your part and will set the tone for a long lasting relationship.

A commitment letter is a written agreement to a contract or a plan that has been discussed previously.  It is most often used by contractors who have a number of different clients in a calendar year. Once written and accepted by the client, it constitutes a legal document and a contract that can be enforced by law. It should include specific details about the job that is to be done and the time frame in which it is to be completed.

For a more professional look, include the date of the letter at the top, use a formal greeting, and formal language in the body of the letter. Use a formal ending to the letter and leave room at the bottom for at least two signatures, or more if more than two parties are involved in the agreement. Once the commitment letter is signed by all parties involved, it is a legal document which can be used in a court of law in case of breach of contract or other disagreements that may occur down the road.

If you are a professional contractor or businessman who uses letters of commitment, it is best to consult a lawyer when drafting a letter that concerns a job where large amounts of money are involved. It can save you headaches down the road and ensures that you are covered in case any litigation occurs on either party’s part. It also ensures that all the information needed to make it a legal contract is included in case you need to sue.
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To make commitment letter you must mention the law that binds employee to work in that organization for the agreed period of time. The second thing you have to include is his complete name with id number and write disclaimer that employee is going to sign bond according to which he or she will work with this organization for specific period of time.
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