Do Non-violent Felony Convictions Hinder Employment? Would This Also Be An Issue In Becoming A Roustabout On An Offshore Oil Rig?


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Felony convictions will be a high wall for you to overcome. Since we have one son that has had a felony conviction and have seen first hand the obstacles he has to overcome let me offer you the following.
You made a mistake, there's no undoing it now. What you do need to do is think about what the trouble it is causing you and commit to never to anything that stupid again.
Once you get a job, hang on to it. Always be on time - Every Day. Take pride in your work. In your mind, always consider your employer your best friend, a friend that you would never take advantage of.
It may take years, but check with the state where you had your felony conviction to see if it is at all possible to expunge your record of the conviction. It may not be possible, or you may learn that if you never get in trouble again, after a period of years you can have that part of your life closed to review.
No to your question about working on oil rigs. More times that not companies working the rigs are not as rigid in regards to felony convictions but know that they will not tolerate and violence or dishonesty.
Good Luck
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I doubt you can get an offshore rig job but i do know that you can definately get a job drilling in the lower 48. I know that patterson uti hires all felons. Doesnt matter what it is. Ive been a roughneck for 2 years and i cant get offshore yet. So pa rigs are hiring and i know colorado is laying off. Also, workover rigs are hiring. Oh, and thermal drilling rigs in nevada are hiring. They are just doubles but still pay good. Just a lil more work
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Nowadays, most employers do criminal background checks, they check your credit, driving records, etc.  A FELONY, is a FELONY, whether it is non-violent or violent.  That is what most employers are looking for criminal Felonies.  Depending on the employer and what the FELONY was they might let you still work for them.  However, if you are a repeat offender chances are probably slim to none.  Good-Luck.

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