What Are Things To Do As A Bored Cashier?


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Count the number of words you say to each customer, and try to make it less and less everytime....talk with different accents..Make up different stories to tell customers. Stare at a customer intently and don't look away, all the while, checking them out.
I'm a cashier at wal-mart. I have practiced each of these.
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1. Smile at every customer and try to make someones day. 2. See if you can sing all the lyrics to the song playing in the store. 3. Choose a random item and see how mant times customers purchase the item 4. Write poetry as in inspiration from a customer or conversations you hear 5. DON'T LOOK AT THE CLOCK!!! Lol
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Well I am at work now.. And cleaning or imaging things aren't working for me.. Its a pity cause this place could use a clean.. So far just listening to music.. We should be able to play games.. Or eat the food in the shop
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You can imagine the universe :)
or think about the people you love
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You could play with your phone.  ; )  Or, you could ask your fellow employees about their day, and ask them questions about their interests...make a friend!

I have had my experience as a bored cashier.  I worked at Borders, so there was always something to read.  I would also clean stuff and organize the station.  The manager loved that!

Where do you work?

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