Discuss The Position Of Agreement By An Minor As An Agent?


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If you are referring to the requirements necessary for a minor to have their own agent, the requirements are usually as follows:

  • Parental consent

If the minor is looking for an agent, there must be parental consent given before the agent can be allowed to work with the child. This is to ensure that they know what the child is signing up for, meaning that the responsibility for signing up with the agent falls on the parent, as the child is too young to take the responsibility themselves. Due to the minor being too young to have responsibility themselves, to ensure that they come to no harm from irrational decisions due to their young age, every large decision that they face in a legal sense must go through the parents.

Once the minor becomes an adult (this is usually between 18 and 21, depending upon where you are from) the responsibility falls on you for your contract, meaning that you would have to sign it yourself, showing that you trust that the agent will be right for your needs. This way, you are signing yourself over on a contract which leaves your agent pretty much free to do whatever they like with your content, as they have been assigned as your agent and that control is what makes an agent an agent.

You should always be careful when choosing your agent, as they will have a lot of power over the decisions in your career and usually your life. You need to pick someone that you can trust and that has a good reputation before you sign your career away to them, or you will regret it. They have the capability to make or break you career and, if you take it incredibly seriously and have a chance of making a name for yourself, you want to be sure that it is in the safest of hands.

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