What Are Group Dynamics Roles?


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The basic role for any group dynamics is to perform the four stages of team development.

The very first stage is the Formation stage. This stage is where number if individuals come together to from a group. This is the time when they there get to know each other, learn every individuals personalities and also observe whose best at what.

The second stage is the Storming stage. This is the toughest stage as all the hidden norms are revealed. There is a lot of fight, controversies and conflicts that take place at this stage.

The third stage is the Norming stage. After settling over matter and after brainstorming the actual work is laid down. At this stage the plan and the strategy takes place. This is when the work and responsibilities are assigned to every individual.

And the last stage is the Performing stage. This stage takes place only when all the three other stages have been successfully completed. In this stage the members of the group know each other and have actually learnt the behavior patterns of every group member.

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As an addition to Evey's post there is as well the later added stage of Adjourning to Tuckman's  theory of group dynamics. This is the stage when the task is complete and the group has the opportunity to reflect on their accomplishments and participation in the group. It is a time to share personal goodbyes as the group dismantles.

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