A Possible Employer Is Asking For References. Is There A Typical Format Used And Does It Have To Be Previous Employers Or Can It Be Friends Also?


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The only thing that a employer has ever specified to me was that the reference could not be family. The longer they have known you the better. They can call your previous employers without you putting them as a reference. Sometimes for background checks they will ask your reference for three people that they known that could speak on  your behalf.
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Generally speaking the employer will want references from previous employers to confirm your capabilities to perform the job on offer, your trustworthiness, your time-keeping, your general attitude and your reliability. References from friends are Character References that say what kind of a person you are, they may or may not be true or relevant.
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When the prospective employer asks for references, they would like to validate some of what you said in the interview by asking somebody who knows you. You would give the following information: 
Name of the Reference
Designation or Position in the Company
Name of Company
Telephone Number
Before giving the name of the reference, talk to that person first.  Sometimes, they don't remember you.  Or they will be caught unaware when asked and may not be prepared to give glowing answers.  Also,  some references do not give good answers.
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