Identify The Phases Of The Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Who Participates In SDLC? As A Manager, How Would You Deal With Potential Problems When Using This Methodology?


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SDLC also stands for Software Development Life Cycle, and it is used, primarily, to provide methodologies for the development of computer software.

The different phases of SDLC are requirements gathering and design, system design, development, and system testing.

Under the requirements gathering and analysis phase, the goal of the project is determined and focus is placed on its necessary functions. User requirements are also analysed during this phase.

Throughout the system design phase, a sample structure of the project is created and all relevant data is gathered together.

Coding of the project takes place in the development phase. If a proper design was successful in the earlier phase, codes are generated without difficulty now. The programming language for the software is selected at this stage in line with the needs of the application.

The final phase ensures that all the modules are thoroughly tested. They are integrated and testing tools will check for any errors.

It is at this stage of SDLC that users are given the developed software so that any changes can be noted. The developers of the software need to make sure that the changes can be handled by the software, and that it is adaptable to the needs of the user, while its main function is not altered in any fundamental way.

The client who has instigated the development of the software needs to be kept informed throughout all stages of development so that the project can be handled easily, and problems can be discussed and resolved as and when they occur. This makes it more likely that the end product will be of high quality and satisfy its intended market.
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